17 Bis Quai Général Durand

34200 SÈTE


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Horaires d'ouverture

  • Lun - Sam 11h30-14h30 & 18h30-22h30
  • Dim non-stop 11h30-22h30
  • Mar Fermé

English Menu

Hot and cold starters

Duck foie gras on toast €19.90
Cold cuts platter €16.00
Sète-style tapas platter  €17.90
Marinated anchovies €12.90
Homemade fish terrine in Aurore sauce  €12.90
Fish soup €11.50
Deep-fried smelt fish  €11.50
Gratinated mussels (15 pieces) €15.00
Homemade Tielle sétoise  €10.50
Sardine Escabeche €13.90


Roquefort salad  €13.50
Hot goat cheese salad with diced bacon €15.60
Pistade-style octopus salad   €17.90
Gourmet salad
(mixed salad, dried duck breast, a portion of duck foie gras, walnut kernels)
Nicoise salad  €15.20
Ocean salad  €17.90
Vegetarian salad €12.90

Calanque spécialites

…home made…

Seafood Platter 
(scallops,pink prawns,gambas, Mussels flambéed whit cognac)
Cuttlefish in rust sauce setoise style €16.50
Stuffed mussels setoise style €16.50
Stuffed squid sétoise style €17.50
Monkfish in bourride €19.90
Three meat macaroni pastas €17.90
A rich bull stew with wine, vegetables and herbs €17.00
Seafoods macaroni pasta €24.90

Fish dishes

Grilled sea bass or royal seabream €16.20
Meunière-style or grilled sole €25.50
Grilled tuna steak  €18.90
Grilled salmon €18.90
Grilled turbot with sorrel sauce €25.90
Cuttlefish a la plancha €19.00
Grilled sardines and red snappers  €16.50
Fish parrillada (2 pax)
(grilled tuna, sea bass, royal sea bream, red snapper, sardines and cuttlefish) 

Royal Bouillabaisse

Royal Bouillabaisse 1kg/person
Red mullet, conger eel, weever , scorpion fish, John Dory, crab, rouille, fish soup, croutons


Twelve Bouzigues oysters €16.00
Whelk platter (aioli) €12.50
Grilled or cold-poached whole lobster (aioli) €23.90
Prawn bouquet €15.90

Shellfish Platters

L'assiette de Thau / Thau platter  (for 1 person) 
(10 oysters, 10 mussels, 10 whelks) 
La barque sétoise / Sète boat (for 1 person) 
(1 lobster, 8 oysters, 8 mussels, 8 whelks, 6 prawns, 2 giant shrimps)
Le spécial Calanquais / Calanque special (2 pax) 
(16 oysters, 16 mussels, 16 whelks, 1 lobster, 8 giant shrimps, 10 prawns)

Meat Dishes

Grilled duck breast (origin: France or EU)  €21.50
Grilled sirloin steak (± 250gr) (origin: France or EU)   €18.00
Grilled beef tenderloin with cep sauce (± 200gr) (origin France or EU)  €23.90
Choice of sauce (Roquefort, green pepper, cep mushrooms) €2.00
 Restaurant Sète Frontignan

Dessert Menu

Cheese platter of your choice 
(herb-marinated goat cheese or Pélardon and honey or roquefort)
Homemade apple pie with a scoop of ice cream €6.50
Homemade caramel cream €6.00
Homemade fruit salad €8.50
Homemade tiramisu €8.50
Tarte Tatin €8.50
Chocolate fondant €8.50
Homemade baba au rum served with a glass of rum €9.00
Caramel supreme and pear with chopped hazelnut €7.50
Café gourmand €9.00
Strawberry gateau and red berry coulis  €8.50

Ice creams

Gourmet Treats

Dame Blanche €8.50
Antillaise €8.50
Profiteroles €8.50
Fruitella €8.50
ced nougat €8.50

Alcoholic pleasures 

Le colonel (3 scoops of lemon sorbet, vodka)  €9.50
William's cup (3 scoops of pear sorbet, pear alcohol)  €9.50
Frontignanaise cup (3 scoops of Muscat sorbet, Frontignan Muscat)  €9.50
Tutti frutti
(2 scoops of orange sorbet, 1 scoop of lime sorbet, Mandarine impériale liqueur, whipped cream)  

Ice Creams or Sorbets

2 scoops of whipped cream €5.50
3 scoops of whipped cream €6.50

Our Perfumes

Ice cream: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, rum-raisin, caramel, coffee, pistachio, mint-chocolate

Sorbets: Muscatel, lime, blackcurrant, pear, passion fruit, raspberry, orange

Children’s Menu (under 12 Years Old) €9.00

Choice of dishes

Squid fritters

Kid’s hamburger

Chicken nuggets

Grilled salmon

Moules marinières

All our dishes are served with fresh vegetables.

Dessert selection

Strawberry or chocolate Cornetto

Homemade caramel cream

Homemade apple pie

Menu Sétois / Sète Menu €17

First-course selection

Homemade Tielle sétoise

L'assiette de coquillages de Thau / Thau shellfish platter  
(4 oysters, 4 mussels, 2 whelks, 1 prawn)

Fish soup

Deep-fried smelt fish  

Roquefort salad

Cold cuts platter

Main course selection

Cuttlefish rouille
(Sète speciality)

Stuffed mussels
(Sète speciality)

Moules marinières

Grilled sardines and red snappers

Grilled salmon

Gardiane de taureau
(beef stew with wine, vegetables and herbs) 
The main course is served with fresh vegetables

Cheese or dessert selection

Marinated goat cheese

Homemade caramel cream

Homemade apple pie

Fresh fruit salad

Strawberry gateau

Ice cream or sorbet (2 scoops)
(​​​​whipped cream supplement: €1)

Menu Calanquais / Calanque Menu €22.90

First-course selection

6 Bouzigues oysters

Gratinated mussels

Fish soup

Homemade fish terrine Tielle sétoise Aurore sauce

Hot goat cheese salad with diced bacon

Sète-style tapas platter roquefort salad

Main course selection

Grilled royal seabream

Monkfish bourride
(Sète speciality)

Grilled tuna steak

Stuffed squid
(Sète speciality)

Stuffed mussels

Giant shrimps and squid a la plancha

Grilled rib steak
(origin: France) 
The main course is served with fresh vegetables.

Cheese or dessert selection

Pélardon and honey

Caramel supreme and pear with chopped hazelnut

Homemade apple pie

Fresh fruit salad

Ice cream or sorbet (2 scoops)
(whipped cream supplement: €1)

Menu Gourmand /Gourmet Menu €34.50

First-course selection

Whole duck foie gras on toasts

Mix of Thau shellfish
(6 oysters, 6 mussels, 4 whelks, 2 prawns)

6 gratinated oysters Sète-style tapas platter

Pistade-style octopus salad

Smoked salmon on toast

Prawns and giant shrimps (aioli)

Main course selection

Cuttlefish a la plancha

Grilled sea bass

Grilled turbot with sorrel sauce 

Seafood macaroni

Grilled duck breast

Beef tenderloin
cep sauce

The main course is served with fresh vegetables Calanque platter (Sète speciality) 
Stuffed mussels, cuttlefish rouille, stuffed squid

Cheese or dessert selection

Pélardon and honey

Baba au rhum

Frontignanaise cup 

Chocolate fondant

Stramberry gateau and red berry coulis

Tarte Tatin

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